Skate Update: Day 1

Although I will not be writing a "Skate Update" everyday, I did want to share photos to show everyone Skate's progress after only 48 hours. It is amazing what warmth, meds, love, and kitten chow can do!

So here are the latest photos narrated in Skate's little voice the way Daisy the Curly Cat narrates her blog photos:

Hey, it's me Skate! Can I come out and cuddle for a bit?

Please! I'll even help you open the door to my wonderful habitat cage.

Oh good! Now I can rub your hand.
Now that my sniffer isn't so snotty, I love to sniff and rub on everything I can.

Are you looking at my paws?
They are kinda different than most kitten paws, but they still work just fine for me.

I love the patch of sun that shines in every afternoon.
I'm feeling rather sleepy all of a sudden.

Oh wait... I'm hungry! I better eat instead of nap in the sunshine.
I'm really good at eating all the kitten chow I can. My little belly is very big and round now.

Here I am next to Cindy's computer mouse so you can see how little I am.
I only weight 1.5 pounds.

I'm feeling SO much better than I did when I was laying in the street in the cold.

Soon, all the sniffles I have will be gone. Yay! For now, I'm loving all the cuddles I'm getting.

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  1. Wow such a cute kitty, and glad that he is doing well. Oh one more time - very cute. Anna :)

  2. Awe....I want her and I am allergic to cats! She is so adorable. I think her feet are cute!

  3. Oh boy, Skate is going to be one gorgeous cat, Cindy! She's got such unusual coloring and markings. I don't know if I'm blind (probably) but just what is different about Skate's paws?

  4. Skate! You really are a tiny little thing. I am so happy that you are feeling better now, and eating lots. Eating is fun. Soon you will grow big and strong.

  5. OMW, she's tiny! I only realised how small she was when I looked at the photo of her next to the mouse. Glad she's on the mend.

  6. She is so tiny! Kudos to you for helping her! Gonna be hard to let her go though.

  7. Foster home? I think she was your Christmas gift. What a sweetheart!

    You know, one can never have too many cats.

  8. Awww, she IS little, Cindy, but looking quite perky and alert now. I knew you would heal her!

  9. OK, so who are you kidding that she is just in her temporary home? She is adorable, her name is perfect, and I think she should STAY!! - Lynda Cherry

  10. She IS adorable, and cute, and furry, and wow can she eat!!! Maybe we SHOULD keep her. :-)


  11. Awwww, glad to see Skate is doing so well, Cindy, and listen to your hubby...he's obviously a kitty hero too! Our catchildren are pulling for Skate to join your family, of course--especially if she's polydactyl, like she appears to be. (Mungus, the thumb-meister, can advise her on all the great things you can do with extra toes...)

  12. Congratulations! Skate is absolutely adorable!! Shame about the sad start in can only get better from here on in, Skate! And I think she has found the nicest home she could have ever hoped for, whether it is permanent or not. Well done, Cindy!
    All the best, love from the kittens' mother xxx

  13. You mentioned that Skate had a problem with ger front paws. It looks,to me ,that she is polydactyl. My sisfur Georgia has extra toes front and back! She is a very cute tortie :)
    Purrs Mickey

  14. I'm so glad that Skate is doing so much better already, her sweet little eyes look so much better without the gunk! I can see that she is still a bit on the thin side but improving already. Keep up the good work!!!!

    Give little Skate a nice tummytickle from me, will you? :-)

  15. Skate is getting cuter by the minute. Absolutely adorable!

  16. Your poor little kitty is lucky to have a new home. This reminds me of my kitten. He was thrown out a moving car at the end of my driveway. It took several weeks to get him cleaned up, snotty eyes and dirty body. But he's happy now. Thanks for taking in a wonderful kitten.

    He's beautiful too! Denise


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