Christmas Roses and Daffodils

No, Rosehaven Cottage is not in the southern hemisphere. No, Rosehaven Cottage isn't located in sunny Southern California. And, no, I am not posting these photos to gloat.

The miracle of being in the San Francisco Bay Area of California (USA) is that we get the chill of winter to put us in the Christmas spirit with nights that sometimes dip below freezing and wonderful Christmas fog. It is normal for our nearby Mt. Diablo to be capped with snow. We are only a 3 1/2 hour drive away from the ski slopes of the Sierras of Northern California. AND we also have the miracle of almost always having roses on Christmas Day as well as at least one early naturalized daffodil peeking its yellow head out from under the dormant hydrangea where its warm and "toasty" (Oreo the garden kitty thinks so too).

I spent a number of winters in Colorado as a child and a teenager. I've had my fill of white Christmases. I am quite content to have a rose-filled Christmas garden now that I am older, drive a car, and suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Now that I have so many friends in Bloglandia (as Barbara Jacksier calls it), I get to have a white Christmas of sorts visiting blogs from other parts of the northern hemisphere. And I can give back somehow, by sharing my Christmas garden with all of you! Oh, when you're done looking at the Rosehaven Cottage blooms, head on over to Bliss to read a wonderful poem that Yolanda Elizabet has posted for today about Christmas gardens.

Merry Christmas to everyone!
[All the photos below can be viewed larger just by clicking on them]

Christmas Daffodils
America Rose (left) Gold Medal Rose (right)
Honey Bouquet Rose (left) Mystery pink rose (right)
Purple lantana (left) A very confused lilac (right)
This is the first year we've EVER had a lilac bloom on Christmas!

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  1. We wish a most blessed Christmas Day to you and your family from both of ours.

    Merry Christmas,
    kari & kijsa

  2. Hi Cindy!
    Those pictures are gorgeous! Hope you had a wonderful Day!!

  3. What beautiful pictures of those flowers. I was glad to read that Skate was doing well with you!

  4. Your roses are beautiful. If they are this good in winter I can't wait to see your summer display!


  5. I love your roses for Christmas. A very Merry Christmas to all of you.

  6. We had a seriously white Christmas here in Utah. But your flowers are beautiful. Thanks for dropping by my blog -- I hope your Christmas was absolutely marvelous.

  7. Cindy - your garden is lovely...our Christmas is semi-white, but very thank you for posting your beautiful garden shots. Thanks, too, for your visit to Brushstrokes, etc., and your kind comments. Blessings to both of you this Christmas.

  8. OK - sorry - I didn't know my son, Drew, was signed in using his account. It was me who left the above message!

  9. Hi This is my first visit to your blog and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading alll about Skate. We have resued a few cats over the years too and there is nothing like a kitten..For the first time in years we don't have any cats, so I am able to put fresh flowers onthe table and have ferns in my fern stands again! But I miss them, so we'll see...
    The photos of the roses are beautiful and I agree with you having grown up in Canda and now living in NC I have enjoyed the White Christmases on other blogs.

  10. Hi Cindy , looks like you live in just the right spot.I think I must suffer from S.A.D., but as today is lovely and sunny(not very christmassy)we went down to Ironbridge. I will post tomorrow so you can see why.

    Cheers Mark

  11. Beautiful as always. It's snowing here today and no flowers in sight. I love looking at yours. And yippee, pictures of you and Brent on the sidebar! You both look great! It's nice to "see" Brent again! Merry Christmas.

  12. blessings and peace to you, rebecca

  13. These are beautiful pictures! I remember that we had roses all through the winter the last year I lived in Seattle. It seemed to be a special gift to me when I needed the hope for a new life full of promise. Thank you for sharing these pictures and that reminder. Much Love!

  14. I would trade my snow any day for all those beautiful roses! Thanks for sharing them!

    Hope you and your family had a great Christmas.

    Happy New Year!!


  15. This is so different from my Norwegian cold and white Christmas :-)

    Lovely photos.

  16. Holy cow -- these are gorgeous. And on Christmas, too? You lucky girl!

  17. Just looking at those roses makes me feel better, here in stormy Nova Scotia where we're having yet another messstorm (snow, then rain, possibly freezing rain.) Ick.

  18. Hi Cindy again, just scrolling down the blog - the photo collection of flower is beautiful. Anna :)

  19. I'd been MIA (missing in action for a bit) as my son was home from college. Tonight, I figured I'd catch up on my fave blogs and was so surprised to be quoted.

    Greetings from Bloglandia. And thanks for sharing those beautiful photos. Ah, spring.


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