Anybody know about "Kitty Currency"???

Hubby called me out into the back garden earlier today to help him get everything situated so he could begin jackhammering out the 40+ year old concrete pad from the now-defunct "shed". He came to my studio window to get me, so I opened it a crack to talk to him, then went out in back, leaving the window open. Much meowing out of the still open window ensued at that point. It was Thomasina. Her meows ranged from desperate to chortles to sounds that I swear are just like R2-D2 in Star Wars. She's still trying to convince us that she needs to go back outside.

When I came back inside about a half an hour later and went back into my studio, I found that Thomasina had brought one of her stuffed socks to the window. She's been trying to "buy us off" for days now. Apparently, this was another attempt.

Her meows must translate, "Look! See this great sock I brought you guys?!?! Isn't it wonderful? If I let you have it for keeps, then can I go outside? I'll even bring it really close to the window so you can sniff it."

What I want to know is how much is a sock like this worth in "kitty currency"?

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  1. Romie and I have sure been enjoying the kitty adventures at your house! I read the Jailbreak one to him last night and now this. We both just giggled. We SOOOOOOO understand!

    And we've been having "adventures" of our own here. More to come......

  2. I think you are going to have to get a leash and take that cat for a walk! This is a great story. Michelle

  3. Oh, delightful story. Let's be grateful that Thomasina and Mungus aren't living close together...or that they can't use the least I don't THINK Mungus can type...he made me write up the kitty Meme, after all.....

  4. What a fun story Cindy! Did you know that Paul Gallico wrote a book about a cat called Thomasina? It's a great read.

    I'm glad that you have Thomasina safely back inside but I can relate to how worrying it is to have kitties hellbent on escaping! So far Thomasina has been very polite and merely tried to bribe you. I wonder what she will come up with next! ;-)

  5. That sock looks like a very fun toy. I think it must be worth at least 7 Temptations, and one trip outside on a harness and leash.

  6. We love what daisy wrote- teehee- both that and the post have us giggling!!!

    kari & kijsa

  7. My dog does this. My cats are too self involved to care.


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