Seven Random Things About Me

Holly over at 2 Kids and Tired tagged me last week to post 7 random things about me. I had to finish the "Road Trip" series of posts first before I responded to the tag. So here it goes:

I love Disneyland! My Hubby and I consider it one of our favorite places on earth. Our first year of marriage, we splurged and bought annual passports so we could go as many times as we wanted even though we live 6-7 hours away. That's when this photo was taken. Our thing that year was trying on the different hats and taking photos of each other in them.

Although I don't like cooking as a general rule, I do love to make food over an open fire. The key word in that statement is "fire". I love to build fires in firepits and fireplaces. It's so fun. This photo is of the firepit I made in our back garden for spring break last year. My seminary students came over and I cooked them breakfast burritos over an open fire as we talked about God's creations as the sun rose. It was a choice experience.

I "rebuilt" a carbuerator when I was about 4 years old. My dad told me it was a puzzle. He set it up on a T.V. tray in the living room. I took it apart with the tools he gave me. And then he told me to put it back to together. So I did. I think it was one he didn't care about from one of his motorcycles. I still remember doing it too. Interestingly, I haven't "rebuilt" one since, although I do love a good jigsaw puzzle.

My first semester of college was spent at BYU-Hawaii on the northern shore of the island of Oahu. Aside from a two week trip to my grandparents home the previous summer, it was the first time I had ever been away from home. It was also the first time I'd ever been to Hawaii. It was an adventure for my young (and quite naive) little self. I was overwhelmingly homesick, but I had such impactful experiences there that I consider it to be "home" in a way. My heart aches for Hawaii if I haven't been there for a few years. I tell people, "When you go to Hawaii be prepared to bring back a little piece of Hawaii in your heart and to leave a piece of your heart in Hawaii." For me, those two pieces often call to one another.

I LOVE the ocean and can't comfortably live in a place that is "land locked". Even when I'm visiting somewhere in the United States that is in the center of the country that is a significant distance from an ocean, I "feel" it, and it makes me uncomfortable in my core. I sleep to artificial sounds of the ocean every night (even when I travel). And when I'm staying on the coast, I sleep to the real sounds of the ocean (and it's wonderful!).

I am the most artistically creative after the sun goes down. That's when I get my most inspiration and feel the most "alive" with my artwork. It's always been that way. Nine o'clock at night seems to be a really good time for me. I must be a night owl.

Although I love to grow them in my garden, I do not like the taste of fresh tomatoes. I do, however, love all tomato products or cooked tomatoes. So Hubby gets to enjoy the bounty.

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  1. And you posted a picture of yourself too! I found out some new things about you. It's fun that after over cough 25 cough years of friendship you can still discover new things!

    I'm with you about the ocean. Being landlocked is driving me nuts

  2. These are great fun, Cindy. I sure understand about the ocean--couldn't bear to be away from it and got downright cranky when I had to go to board meetings in Toronto...eeeeeeeeeeyuuuuuuuuu!
    Funny thing about tomatoes. I love them but my sister and my son won't touch them raw, just cooked!
    Always fun to visit here :-)

  3. Ha Ha Ha!! LOVE the photo of you in that HAT!! Very cute!! I loved reading all about you...very very nice!

  4. Oh my heavens Cindy do we ever have much in common!!!!
    I have always wanted to go to Disneyland...not a big fan of cooking but I do love it outdoors...I also rebuilt a carbeurator when I was a teen...and
    Hawaii, oh I can not wait till next April and our anniversary...the ocean, no year is complete without one trip there for me...I am definately a night owl!...each year I grow tomatoes, or I should say I try, one time I am sure to get it right!
    Thank you for your many prayer for my sweet Miss Peach and those you said for us. Thank your Hubby too:) We are Blessed here at our cottage...thank you for being a part of my bliss.
    Karla and Miss Peachy

  5. What a fun post Cindy and like you I always enjoy visiting Disney land, I'm nuts about it! Great hat you're wearing! ;-)

    The sea ........ it is so important in a human life isn't it? It makes us aware of the circle of life, the crashing of the waves has a magic all of its own. I love going for long walks along the beach and I live in the right country for it as we have a very long coastline. ;-)

    It's nice getting to know a bit more about you Cindy!

  6. It was fun learning things all about you! Breakfast burritos, mmmmmm!

    I love that cute Mickey hat. I wonder if they make one in my size? Probably not. My head is only about as big as a lemon. A very small lemon.

  7. You're absolutely adorable! Love the picture of you under the car. Very sweet.

  8. Interesting YOU! Loved the photos along with your stories. Hope you get zapped again, soon! Would love to know more.

  9. I love Disneyland too! I must admit that the tomatoes were a surprise! They are so yummy in California!


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