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Since I'm still sick with a cold and not feeling all that "wordy" or coherent, I decided to share some photographs I've taken recently that are some favorites of mine. I usually share photographs with a blog entry of some sort, but these just didn't seem to need words.

Pink zinnia in autumn twilight
(taken in Rosehaven Cottage gardens last week)

My mother's kitty cat Mollie and a basket of yarn

White cosmos in autumn twilight
(taken in the Rosehaven Cottage gardens last week)

All photographs featured here can be made available as unframed or framed prints, high-quality posters,
bound journals, tile coasters, keepsake boxes, greeting cards or a variety of other products.
Please email Cindy at for customization information.
Don't hesitate to ask about a special request.

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  1. Beautiful, as always. I love the cosmos one. Do you still have a lot of flowers blooming?

    Your turn!

  2. Beautiful! You are right, no words needed. I sure hope you feel better:) Michelle

    P.S. I emailed you~the photograph arrived today and it is so pretty..even more than I imagined. I can't wait to frame it. I'll post about it later too. Thanks again for your kindness.

  3. Sorry to hear you're still sick, Cindy. The photos are beautiful--so delicate--and Mollie looks like a sweetheart! Does she get along with your Mom's dog?

  4. Thank you Lynda! Yes, Mollie and Chica get along very nicely although Chica likes to sneak up on Mollie and scare her when she doesn't expect it. Mollie would just like to be buddies without the pranks. :)

  5. Gorgeous photos! The lighting is perfect. I especially love the soft kitty photo. Hope your feeling better soon.

  6. Beautiful pictures, and for me, nostalgic, because my mother-in-law used to love to take pictures of flowers. She died a few years ago. Still hurts.

  7. Hope you're starting to feel better, Cindy. You're right that the photos need no words--they're wonderful in themselves. Mollie is a little cutie...does she succumb to the urge to attack those balls of yarn?

  8. Beautiful photos of beautiful flowers. How nice of you to give us such a treat ... especially since you are ill.

    Get well ... quickly!

  9. The photos are beautiful! I hope you feel better soon!

  10. That Zinnia is magnificent! Hope you feel better soon.

  11. Hope you are feeling better soon! Your Zinnia is gorgeous in the evening light!

  12. Gorgeous! You are such a talented photographer. I love to check in from time to time to see your blog, photos, etc.
    How have you been? it's been a little while since we've visited :(
    Hope to see you soon!

  13. Glorious photographs. Especially love the Zinnia at the beginning.

  14. Hi Cindy,
    You are right thye dont need words I like the feel of the middle one but I would say the top one is my favourite.

    Cheers Mark

  15. Oh the photo of the kitty and yarn is so cute, love the blur. Anna :)


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