Autumnal Gratitude

One of the blessings of living where we do is that we have a very long growing season for summery vegetables (March through October). However, this also means that we don't get our true autumn color in full force until much later than a lot of you. Our best colors don't happen until after Halloween and this week has been spectacular. It has really been helpful in getting in the mood for Thanksgiving.

There is something about needing to get all cuddly and cozy that makes me reflective and draws my thoughts inward to introspection. It is quite appropriate as Thanksgiving is upon us, as I should have thoughts of thankfulness and gratitude during this time of year anyway.

As the nights have taken on a slight chill, I've enjoyed building fires in our fireplace. Our cottage is quite homey with only one main living area where the fireplace is, so when the fire is lit we are all together enjoying the warmth. Suzette, in particular, loves fireside snoozing (photo at right). The other kitties lounge around the living room just enjoying being with us as we watch television or read. Sometimes Hubby putters on the laptop from either the sofa or chair. I am grateful for my cottage living room and its fireplace for being the heart and hearth of our home.

About a week ago, Hubby went around and put full spectrum light bulbs in all the lamps in the living room as a little I-love-you surprise for me. I really struggle with the lack of sunlight as the days grow shorter. The full spectrum bulbs help prevent me from taking off to Hawaii on a wild hair (I've been sorely tempted in years past, trust me). One full spectrum bulb is in the reading lamp over the chair. I often sit there with the shade swung over my head like a levitating glowing hat. It's absolute heaven (although Hawaii would be better). The kitties all love this lamp as well and will slip up onto the chair anytime we've vacated it. Such sneaky little furry deviants. So even though we have little armchair wars with the kitties, I am very grateful for full spectrum light bulbs and a loving Hubby that remembered them.

We've had some rain this month, but our winter rains are still to come. That's why the hill up at the end of the street is still in its brown barren cloak. The cows have grazed it down to stubble and brown dirt. But as the rains come over the next few weeks, this hill will turn a beautiful shade of green. If we're lucky, it will be green by Christmas and will stay that way until late April or early May before it turns a golden yellow. We don't have white Christmases here. We have green Christmases, and I am grateful for green Christmases.

So on Saturday, as I was transplanting the winter veggies into the raised planter boxes in the back garden I was doing so in a very reflective autumnal mood. I noted how the sun was so low in the sky and how I missed the days of summer when I could garden until 8 or 9 o'clock in the evening. I miss the dragonflies buzzing overhead in a darting canopy catching mosquitoes and gnats on the fly. I miss the hum of summer activity in the garden. But I also felt a deep welling inside of gratitude that I am able to have a winter garden with spinach, lettuce, onions, broccoli, celery and parsley. I said a silent prayer with each transplant that we will soon be enjoying their bounty. And, yes, I was very grateful.

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  1. Lying in front of fire is very warm and comfy, I am so admiring~!

    These are very very beautiful shots~!

  2. Ah, just lying around stretching in front of a fireplace---that cat has THE life, doesn't he?

    I wish it were me! :)

  3. That was a very soothing way to start the day. A great read as I'm sitting here in the chill of the morning! Catherine

  4. Cats.. what a life! That is a great picture. Michelle

  5. We have a gas stove in our kitchen/den area, so I know what you mean about the hearth. It's so comforting to feel the warmth, gaze at the flame, and feel the dampness going out of the room.

    Sounds like you have an idyllic life in your cozy cottage with your cats and hubby and the fruits (and veggies) of your summer labor.

    Thanks for sharing your blessings. I feel richer and more blessed for hearing about them!

  6. That shot of Suzanne is an excellent idea for a photo.
    Plus, Suzanne has the right attitude for this time of year. I feel like lying down beside her and petting her.

  7. How beautiful....we came over here from Yellow Rose Arbor and we are so glad we did!

    Have a blessed day!

    smiles, kari and kijsa

  8. A lovely post (and Suzette reminds me its time to put more wood on the fire). A very happy Thanksgiving to you and your family from one of your Canadian friends, Cindy!

    --jodi @ bloomingwriter

  9. I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving my friends!

  11. Winter is my favourite time of the year, perfect for reading books in front of the fire with a hot coffee or soup. Hope you're enjoying the season :-)
    btw is it ok if I add you to my links?

  12. That cat in front of the fireplace is making me feel all warm and cozy. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Ah yes, kittycats in front of a roaring fire, a very familiar sight! ;-)

    White Christmasses are overrated IMO, a green one would do very nicely for me too. But alas, it will probably be a very grey and wet one, outisde that is because inside we'll be all snug and cozy.

    I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving!

  14. Happy Thanksgiving!

    I love being able to have a winter garden too; although of course it is Spring here now.


  15. A day without coming to Rsoehaven Cottage is a wasted an unopened VICTORIA magazine.
    I can sense the cozy feel of your parlor in front of the fire...
    This is the time of the year when we are so happy to burrow deep inside of our little cottage with it's rabbit warren of rooms...each with it's own charm and dedicated use. We do like our parlor the best and I always sleep infront of the stove in my box with the heated kitty pad.
    Autumn purrrs Miss Peach

  16. I know how sweet and yet sad it is to shut down your garden...bittersweet....

    I do love the cooler days and nights with the fireplace and hot tea or chocolate....

  17. 4:00...WOW...our hats are off to you! So glad you got some good bargains!

    Have a very blessed day!

    smiles, kari and kijsa


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