Where's Emily Post When You Need Her?

So I'm fairly new to the blogosphere, and I've had a nagging question on my mind the past couple of weeks. I can't seem to get an answer so what better way than to ask an open question here?

What is proper blogging etiquette when it comes to receiving comments on one's blog? Do you:

a) Enjoy the comments quietly and privately, letting them accumulate without response
b) Make a point of responding to and acknowledging every comment by leaving a comment
c) Leave a comment in response to one only when a question has been asked
d) Reply to comments privately via email when a blogger has provided one, otherwise don't respond
e) Obsessively stew over proper blogging etiquette and worry that if you don't followed "accepted practice" that you'll offend people

I've done all of the above at any given time and don't know which is correct.

Any pointers?

Mind you, I won't know how to respond to your comments, so I've created quite a paradox for myself now haven't I?

And I sincerely apologize if I haven't been following proper blogging etiquette and have somehow inadvertently breached blogging protocol by not responding to comments and thereby hurting someone's feelings along the way.

Being proper is so darned difficult!

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  1. Oh dear, I wish I knew, too! I usually do E.

  2. I usually opt for 'd', even though it usually takes me a couple of days to respond. (But you knew that . . . )

  3. I'm not quite sure about the proper etiquette either or even if there is one. I do B a lot and throw in some D every now and again too. I have no time for E. ;-)

  4. http://www.bloggingbasics101.com/ has a lot of good suggestions and things about blogging and etiquette, etc. I couldn't find anything specific to your question, but I think that the majority of bloggers feel the same way you do. I know that I do! I do try and respond if a question was asked.

    Not counting good friends, I can count on one hand, the number of people who have responded privately to a comment I made on their blog. I have seen blogs where people respond to the individual comments, in the comments. That's not normally my thing and I don't always go back and check places I've left comments. I have responded privately on occasion and for the most part, those responses seemed to be reciprocated/accepted.

    I don't think there IS a rule of etiquette for this. I think the main rules of commenting are: to comment!, and to leave kind comments.

    I tend to be more of an a) person and enjoy the comments and if I feel moved to respond, I do so privately if their email is included.

    I find it difficult to comment for the sake of commenting. I usually need to feel moved or touched by something before I comment.

  5. I probably do "c" the most, but I, too, wonder what is the proper way of doing things. I suppose there really is none, since blogs and bloggers vary so much in how and why they write their blogs.

    I just know I love getting comments and I will leave a comment when I feel so moved when I visit another's blog. Only about half the time do I return to see if there's been any other responses on another person's blog comments.

    I did notice that Blogger now has the subscription option to be notified of comments once you've left one. I like that.

  6. Normally I respond to each comment, and sometimes return to their blog to answer a question, just because I am enjoying this blogging community of fellow plant lovers (and in some cases, cat lovers!) so much--making new friends around the world, and learning more about gardening--what's not to love?

  7. I am not altogether organized and I find it amazing that I can blog at all! LOL I try to acknowledge comments in a return comment as I try to visit everyone at least once a day if not every other.

  8. I've left an award for you on my blog. Stop by and pick it up!

  9. Cindy, very good points. Some people acknowledge every post, some people acknowledge all posts in one. I done both. I think other bloggers will understand too, because we are all in the same position - you choose whatever is easier for you. I think you been doing great job, and if you comment back on your blog, or comment back on the commentators blog, or send them acknowledgement email, all is fine, and sometimes if you don't respond it is still fine. Blogging shouldn't be stressful, and we all understand if you don't respond, and if you do respond it is greatly appreciated. I really think if you have a really good relationship with your bloggers, nothing should really change, we all have busy lives beside blogging.
    Anna :)

  10. Well, I'm not necessarily known for being proper. But I'll tell you what I do.

    If someone asks a question, I go back to their blog and answer there so they see it. If it's a really good question, I'll make it the topic of a blog so everyone can see it.

    If I were to respond to everyone's comments, I'd spend more time than I really have -- but I do go visit all the people who come visit me. I have a list for each day of the weeek and I visit those blogs on that day. (You're on the Friday list. :) This way, I'm visiting everyone I want to, and I'm allocating my time evenly.

    How's that for a long and not terribly helpful answer? :)

  11. Good questions you're asking! I'm with you in that I don't have any one set way of handling these things. Taking it on a one by one basis is more my style, which works if there aren't many comments. But on Kelly's birthday when he got dozens of comments, it wasn't an efficient or effective way. But overall, my response depends on the individual post, and not a one-size-fits-all rule.

    Kelly Cat's favorite human

  12. Ok, so now I've tagged you. Check my blog if you want to play along!

  13. My human runs several blogs so how she responds depends upon the blog. On her offline site, she'd send an email if anyone ever commented! It's not really set up for comments though. On another site, she tries either to respond to the comment within the comments and/or goes over the commenter's blog and leaves a comment there--sort of to acknowledge their visit. We do have the option on that blog to subscribe to comments for people.

    On my site, we usually just let comments accumulate. If someone has a question we will usually modify the post or have a new post the next day about the question.

    I don't know that there is a correct answer. It's all in what feels good to you!

  14. Cindy - I'm so glad you asked this question. I don't know that there is a proper response, but I've done all of the above, I think! When I first started, I only had a few people leaving comments, so I commented back on my blog, then went to theirs and left a comment. If you have more than a couple people, this is very time consuming!! I love getting emails from people who have been to my blog - but I'm notorious for not checking my email for weeks at a time, so I wonder if that really makes me seem rude!! I do try and answer questions - either on that post's comment, or at their blog, or in a new post - but sometimes I'm sure things slip by. It would be so nice to have the time to have running conversations with everyone - but we all have lives, and I think the bottom line is that you do what feels best for you - and most people will understand because we've all faced the same dilemma!!

    Mostly, it is such a compliment when people leave a comment - I love it and try to reciprocate. And at your blog, that's easy - it's such a fun place to visit!!

  15. What a great post! :) I do all of the above. I usually try to go to each person's blog to post a thank you. I noticed there are a few people I post to that always respond to me via email (they always have 100's of posters) I wondered if that's the way to go?

    Great post!


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