Where I imagine I am on days that are tough...

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Hawaiian Airlines

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  1. I was never able to use that hammock because there were always people in it...hmmmmm. :-/

  2. I want to go there!!!

    Remember how we used to do our imaginary vacations on email to each other when life was stressful?

  3. Oh these are such great photos, or better great places to be or hang around, the first one is my fav. Anna :)

  4. Beautiful photos - the water color in the second one is gorgeous. You really can't beat a hammock by the water, can you?

  5. Any place with lizards is a good place.

  6. Great photos, I could imagine myself in that hammock!


  7. Beautiful photos, and they encourage calm thoughts.
    Here's one thought -- now, this may be a dumb question, but where are the turtles? All I see is a lizard.

    Oh wait, I know -- it's Turtle Bay, so that means they're all in the bay. <head slap> Of course!

  8. Oh yes indeed Hawaii....I can hardly wait until next April to see it again for my wedding anniversary:)
    Karla dreaming of the black sand beach


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