What Kind of Pumpkin Are You?

Are you the kind of pumpkin that prefers to just blend in with the crowd and not draw attention to yourself? That's okay. There is beauty in harmony and unity.

Are you the type of pumpkin that forges ahead with charisma and grace for others to follow your positive example? That's okay. There is beauty in the pioneering spirit of a leader.

Are you the type of pumpkin that draws the attention of others in a social setting and is the "life of the party"? That's okay. There is beauty in vivacity and good humor.

Are you a pumpkin that is surrounded all day by little ones and feel like you go for days without adult contact? That's okay. There is beauty in the sacrifices you make everyday to mold and shape the next generation.

Are you a pumpkin that is unique and different? That's okay. There is beauty in diversity, individuality, and uniqueness.

Regardless, of what kind of pumpkin you are there is beauty within you that is treasured by others. Look in the mirror today and say, "I am happy to be the pumpkin that I am!"

Happy Halloween!!!

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  1. You are very right, all different pumpkins are beautiful and unique. I think I would be a curly pumpkin.

    ....what did you say, Mommie? Oh. There are no curly pumpkins. Never mind.

    ps: My little Halloween sack will hold eleventy-squillion Temptations. Give or take a couple.

    Happy Halloween!

  2. Great post Cindy! I'm the pumpkin who is desperately waiting for Halloween to be over!

  3. I love all pumpkins. Thanks for visiting my blog.. I'm glad you stopped by and come back anytime!

    Happy Halloween!

  4. Fun post and I loved your pictures!


  5. In my best imitation of Thom Filicia:
    "Nice pictures, punkin." :-)

    Finally (finally!) getting around to linking to your Emily-Post-post etiquette at It's all Good. Believe me, I've wondered the same thing. Sounds like an opportunity for someone: Our grandparents had Emily Post; our mothers had Miss Manners. Where is this post-Post generation's Manners?

  6. Cute and creative "feel-good" post, Cindy! Happy Halloween!

  7. Wonderful pumpkin photos! Could we be several different kinds of pumpkin, depending on the day and the place? I think I change! :)

  8. I think I'm the kind of pumpkin that's not pictured here....a carved up, hollowed out shell because its the end of a long workday....but you fill me back up anytime with just smile and a kind word or two. -hubby

  9. What a wonderful sweet post! The pictures were awesome and the story even better!
    Happy Halloween!

  10. I'd rather be a tall, thin pumpkin, but all in all I'm happy to be the pumpkin that I am. Nice post Cindy...thanks!

  11. Hi Cindy, thank you for visitng our blog and for your lovely comments!! We are very glad you did, love your post, brought a smile to our faces!! We will be back! Happy Halloween!! Jenn and Jacqui :)

  12. Hi Cindy , thanks for reminding us how special we all are,love the post.

  13. Happy Halloween to you as well!

  14. I'm a round pumpkin who likes to cook...and eat...which is why I am round. I'm a mommy pumpkin, but the kind who blends in with the crowd. You wouldn't pick me out of the patch...but if you did happen to come across me, you'd say, "hey, she's a pretty nice pumpkin!"

  15. I LOVE this post! :) I m definitely the pumpkin that's the life of the party; always making other pumpkins laugh.

    Gosh I have missed so much over here!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for honoring me with the "Rose Medallion" for excellence. I am so honored. :)


  16. Very nice pumpkin shots. I like the green ones.


  17. What a soul-cheering post, Cindy. Some of the photos made me laugh out loud.I'm not sure what sort of pumpkin I be--probably a misshapen one that sits off by itself in the patch, or pops up out of nowhere in the compost heap. Either way, you're right to be happy in our pumpkin skins...:-)

  18. Great post Cindy and great pics as well!

    This unique and different pumpkin is wishing you a great weekend.

    BTW I hope you had a lovely Halloween.

  19. Great post, and I am definitely the kind of pumpkin that prefers to just blend in with the crowd and not draw attention to me. Wow I am so impressed with your creativity. Anna :)

  20. I love your pumpkin analogy. You know what kind of "I'm-your-favorite-auntie-pumpkin" I am. You are so clever!


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