Road Trip to Plumas County, Part 2

As promised in yesterday's post, today's post is a continuation of the road trip adventures of Mom, Chica, and me. When we left off yesterday, we were headed up Northern California's Highway 32 from Chico to Chester through the beautiful fall foliage of Plumas County.

We pulled in to the small town of Chester after about 4-5 hours on the road (I took a number of photographic opportunities heading up the scenic route so the trip took longer than it normally would have).

Chester is situated near Lake Almanor, a vacation spot for many city-dwellers as well as a place for some lucky folks to escape the hustle and bustle all together and relocate to the tranquil waterfront landscape. Chester isn't a very big town, but it does have more amenities than many of the other tiny towns in Plumas County. The rustic barn pictured at left sits on the edge of town along the highway that leads to Lake Almanor. We could see the water of the lake off in the distance past this lovely field. I couldn't have imagined such gorgeous autumnal scenery as this.

One point of interest is the historic Bidwell House that is now a lovely bed and breakfast. Although we didn't stay here for the night, the rates were reasonable enough that we could have if we hadn't had Chica in tow. As it was, we were able to stay in a nice room at the very new Best Western Rose Quartz Inn just down the road that allowed pets for an extra fee. I think Hubby and I will come back for a weekend getaway to the Bidwell House because it looks so inviting, tranquil and very romantic.

There was a tree at the front of the Bidwell House property that was simply ablaze in red autumnal color. I couldn't get over how bright it was. The branches spilled over the front fence against the red brick pillars of the gatelights. The red brick paled in comparison to the leaves. It was the most stunning red I've ever seen occur in nature other than what I've seen as colors for flowers. When I got closer to snap the photo at left I noticed that one leaf was a different than all the rest. It made the scene even more intriguing to me. This is one of my favorite photos from the whole trip.

Across the highway from the Bidwell House are a few quaint and charming gift shops. One such shop, Elements, looked so perfect and inviting in the fall setting. Then I noticed the old shop dog sniffing around the front of the shop. Every once in a while the dog would look up at me and then his nose would go back down to the ground snooping and sniffing his way along. It just seemed to be the quintessential small town scene and brought back feelings from my childhood of visiting my Grammy in her town not far from Chester. Memories of walking to the five and dime not far from her home so I could look at all the "treasures" that were for sale. When I encounter scenes like the dog sniffing around, it seems like time hasn't passed at all.

Much of the signage in Chester hasn't changed over the years so it adds to that sense that time hasn't passed. I am always charmed by vintage/retro signage and this particular sign really intrigued me against the blue sky with the autumnal foliage in the background. I don't know that I would ever stay at the Sierra Motel, but I love the sign.

Tune in next time when Mom, Chica and I drive up to Lake Almanor and walk the pebbled shores late on an October day. For now we sign off with a photo of Chica looking off into the distance at the adventures that await her.

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  1. What a charming story and gorgeous place to travel to! I'm envious, it all sounds so lovely.

  2. I love your photos...the colors on that tree remind me of the colors we had here in WA....but most of the trees are bare now.

  3. And people say that you don't see Fall in California! Gorgeous pictures Cindy. It looks like you and Mom had a fun trip. (Say Hi to your Mom for me!)

  4. Cindy,
    Thank you so much for honoring me with the Rose Medallion for Excellence Award! I am truly honored.... I have added the award to my blog and will display it proudly!

    I love the road trip you took us on. How fun!

  5. My, your blog site is very interesting; I have to come back to look some more. Your photography is stunning. I am visiting via Lavender Hill Studio.
    Carrie @ Oak Rise Cottage

  6. Well written account, Cindy. It's nice that you and your mom have the time to share this trip together.

    Chica is adorable! She looks so philosophical, gazing into the distance....


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