Ready to go on a Road Trip?!?!

At the end of last week, I did a very spontaneous thing. It turned out that I had two unexpected days off from teaching seminary on Thursday and Friday. The weather forecast promised sunny and wonderful autumnal weather. I needed more photographs for my portfolio with my online agencies. Hubby had to work, but my mom was free to be a traveling companion (so was her new little dog, Chica). So Mom and I loaded up my truck early Thursday morning. With Chica settled in Mom's lap we took off up the highway north to our favorite place in the world--Plumas County.

Over the next few days, I want to share our wonderful autumnal mountain adventure with you through the photographs that I took.

Plumas County is nestled in the forests of northeastern California. The drive is always breathtaking, but at this time of year it proved to be unbelievably so. We took the scenic route to get to our destination of the town of Chester where we had reservations for lodging for the night.

Plumas County is "home" for my mother. It's where she grew up; her parents moved there when she was a toddler. Plumas County is "home" for me too; it's where Grammy lived until her passing when I was 10 years old. The song lyrics, "Over the river and through woods to grandmother's house we go..." had very literal meaning for me when I was a child. On this trip we took one of the roads that often runs next to a serpetine river--Highway 32 from Chico to Chester.

Both Mom and I had a new plant-lovers discovery on this trip. The large-leafed plants that were growing out in the center of the running river are Indian Rhubarb. We never knew that before. I love finding out something new.

Luckily, there were a lot of turnouts along Highway 32 so I could safely pull over and shoot photographs of the gorgeous scenery in all its autumnal splendor.

The frequent stops also gave Mom opportunities to walk little Chica. This was Chica's first roadtrip since my mom adopted her from the animal shelter in August. Chica is a "senior" doggy who has a mysterious past, as she was found wandering the streets. She is now quite pampered, and her diminutive barely-5-pound body was hilarious to watch and she walked along the roadside sniffing all the new smells. Such a different outlook than I'm used to with cats. My cats would have freaked out having to be subjected to all those new sights and smells. But little Chica just loved it.

And in case anyone is wondering... my mom has decided that Chica's breed is a "wired haired terry-huahua". She's definitely a chihuahua but has hair much like a wired haired terrier. Hence, the hybridized breed name.

Anyway.... tune in tomorrow for more mountain travel adventures with Mom, Chica, and me!

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  1. Oh... I am so envious! I love our Lassen National Volcanic Park.

  2. Road Trip! You are so adventurous. I think little Chica is the cutest little thing I have ever seen. How nice of your mom to adopt a senior doggie.

  3. Road trips with moms are always fun. Gorgeous pictures too!

  4. I love road trips like this! And when you can take them with your mom, that makes them all the better!

    Lovely autumn photographs and Chica es muy linda!

  5. Beautiful pictures! Have never traveled to that part of California, had no idea it was so beautiful. What wonderful memories you are sharing with you mom. Thanks for the tour !

  6. It looks like gorgeous country, Cindy! It's nice that you have a large part of your heritage and family history in that area.

    Chica is adorable, and "terry-hua-hua" seems the perfect name for her!


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