Late Bloomers

It never fails to surprise me that although it's October, the sunflowers are always still in full swing. Truly late bloomers, these stalwarts help to bring wonderful color to my autumn garden. And they make the bees happy too!

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  1. I tore my sunflowers out about two weeks ago because the blooms were getting incredibly small and were partial blooms. The foliage was starting to yellow from the bottom up, too. Just way too dry of a summer and I couldn't give them as much moisture as they wanted, I guess. :-(

    Yours are so lovely and cheery! I love how they look against the blue blue sky. I love autumn!

  2. Cindy, I would love to see your garden! I always wanted to grow sunflowers but I don't think my thumb is green enough!

  3. Our Pennsylvania sunflowers are done and the seeds all picked off. It's great to see some still in bloom.

  4. I'm a convert to growing sunflowers too! I have some in my polytunnel this year, they are amazing. And the bees in my hives thrive on this very late supple of pollen, their legs are laden with bright yellow sacs of it.

  5. Those flowers remind me of sunshine and happy days.

  6. Very bright and most beautiful!!

  7. Wow the Sun Flower photo is just so perfect. Excellent work Cindy. Anna :)

  8. yellow sunflowers and blue sky - such a gorgeous combination!

  9. I defy anyone to look at a sunflower and not smile back, don't you? Great photos!


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