It's "Rose Medallion" Monday

The "Rose Medallion" is given by us at Rosehaven Cottage to blogs that we find to be of exceptional merit in design and content. The blogs given this honor are those that we have found particular enjoyment, inspiration, and/or insight(s) in reading--blogs that have exhibited a passion for living. We hope that the "Rose Medallion" recipients this week will be pleased to display it on their blogs.

We are honoring the following blogs this week:

Peripheral Vision--Inner Sights by Lynda Lehmann
Lynda is a multi-faceted artist whose work (which she features on her blog) offers a vibrancy as well a sense of inner strength and serenity. Take time and browse. You'll be glad you did! We guarantee you'll walk away with some inspiration to create something. We did!

Miss Peach's Meowz
Featuring the adorable and lovable kitty cat Miss Peach, this blog is a must-read for us on a daily basis. The photography and art (not all "kitty related) is a true joy to view. Many times there is a gem of poetry that makes us come away with a lightness of heart that only really lovely writing can induce.

Greenie Gardens
This blog is a real favorite of ours simply because of the passion for gardening that is expressed there. The photographs are lovely, regardless of whether one has a green thumb or a brown one. Covering quilting, cats, roses, and life in general, this blog is a wonderful example of what living life with passion encompasses.

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  1. Oh my, I am deeply honored to be selected for this beautiful medallion. It will be proudly displayed on my blog this special VICTORIA homecoming month. Is this rose the EDEN? She is my favorite and climbs over my front arborgate. if I had to chose just one rose to have in my garden, it would be EDEN.
    Oh I am so happy tonight...thank you ever so much. My addy is kjacks 2 AT charter DOT net
    Love Miss Peach & Karla the lady

  2. Thank you so much, Rosehaven Cottage, for bestowing this award on my blog! I'm honored to be chosen, and I love the pretty medallion. Thanks for thinking of me...


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