Dexter's all that...

and a box of chips!

I gave up trying to keep him out of them. Dexter has been repeatedly trying to lay in this box of Sun Chips snack bags for the past week now; squashing the bags as he gingerly lowers his big 17 lb. kitty body onto the popping and crunching bags. Every time I caught him, I'd extract him and tell him "NO!". Well, I was busy trying to make something in the kitchen last night and just got tired of fighting him (he knew he'd win eventually). So I pulled the bags out from under him that were getting smashed the worst, got my camera, and took a photograph.

For those keeping score... Mommy-0, Dexter-1
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  1. Hi Cindy, looks like he is just like children at Christmas, ignor the toy and play with the box.
    Thank you for your award, I am very pleased to join your select band of bloggers. I will add it to my Green Thumb post tomorrow and add it to the side bar as well.

    Many thanks


    Oh and one other thing Parsnips rock....

  2. Too funny! Perhaps he liked the feeling of laying on air that these bags must give him. I would think the crunching of the bags would drive him crazy though. Thanks for the chuckle!

  3. That is just too cute!!!! Priceless photo!!

  4. How very catlike! And he's a handsome fellow, isn't he?

  5. I can't believe how much he looks like my 20 lb. Pierre. I have three who all look similar. I love your photo.

  6. Hmmmm....had Dexter been into the catnip? He has the munchies, after all; and he has that same, smug, smart and ain't I adorable look that our Tigger gets when he's found a catnip plant and reduced it to nothing but roots. He's very handsome--and knows it too, doesn't he?

  7. I have just discovered Rosehave Cottage ... what a delighful place to visit.
    I love Dexter, he looks so at home in the chips.

  8. Looks like you'll have to use those chips for breading! Dexter knows who's boss!

    Cute photo. I can hear the crunching and popping from here.

  9. Anyone who would bother to keep score with a cat is a masochist - we know the cat will always win!


  10. Awww... how cute. I love how he has his paw on the one as if to say, "Mom, this is my pillow, okay? Leave this one alone!"

  11. Dexter you win my friend! A good box is hard to find and I have never seen a better picture than you in the chip box! You should send it in to STUFF ON MY CAT!
    Love Miss Peach

  12. Hi Cindy, you have an exceptional cat named Dexter, great photo. Anna :)


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