Dee Dee the Photogenic Kitty

Dee Dee is Dexter's sister (yes, she is named Dee Dee because of the cartoon "Dexter's Laboratory"). She is also Daddy's girl. I can't believe the connection that those two have. It is adorable to watch her run to the door to greet him when he comes home from work. It is also particularly sweet to watch her ride around on his arm like a little chihuahua dog licking his arm.

Dee Dee is particularly perplexed today because Daddy was gone all day yesterday, all night, and all day today. She's not quite sure what to think of the situation. Normally very talkative and interactive with Daddy, she has been fairly subdued today but has shadowed me around the house. Daddy is coming home any minute now, and Dee Dee will be thrilled to hear him walk through the front door. He'll probably get a talking to from her as well as if to say, "Daddy, where have you been?"

You'll notice that Dee Dee's hair sticks up on the back of her head. We call this phenomenon "Woody Woodpecker hair". Poor Dee Dee. No matter how much she or we try to smooth it down, it sticks right back up again.

Dee Dee doesn't know she's somewhat of a celebrity. Dee Dee and her best friend Thomasina are featured on Rosehaven Cottage's exclusive "got mice?" line of people t-shirts, doggy and kitty t-shirts, BBQ aprons, hats, and (of course) mousepads. In fact, right now by computer mouse rests on a "got mice?" mousepad!

Click here to learn more about Dee Dee, the matriarch kitty of Rosehaven Cottage.

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  1. Oh, isn't SHE a sweetie...she looks like our Tiggercat, who embarrassed himself earlier this evening when he fell off the arm of the recliner. He was asleep and rolled over...landed on his feet anyway, and had a quick wash to cover his embarrassment.
    The mousepad and t-shirt idea is very clever. I'm going to make a mousepad of Munguscat for my husband for Christmas--he doesn't know that, though.

  2. I know this is a bit self-serving, but I loved THIS blog, especially...I guess it's because she's my cat, er uh, I'm her human.

  3. How fitting that your hubby would say he loves this blog...because I have just given you an award! It is for you Cindy, the kitties and for your family of your do them proud and I am glad to know you and be able to come here for respite from the world of todays...
    Love Miss Peach and the mistress

  4. Dee Dee is a beautiful cat! :) Those are lovely photos of her!

  5. A lovely, devoted lady cat who deserves all the attention she gets...

  6. Dee Dee is very cute. Though her cowlick coiff won't cooperate, I trust her daddy's homecoming was joyous!

    Tell her we humans can relate to her bad-hair days!


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