The Writer’s Review Inspiration Award

I was so pleasantly surprised when I received a message from Walks Far Woman at Kissing the Dogwood that she had awarded Rosehave Cottage with the Inspirational Blogger Award! It is probably the most touching honor that I (and my husband who also is behind the Rosehaven Cottage blogs) could have received because our main purpose for starting this blog was to somehow be an inspiration to at least one person through sharing our own stories and lives. It was a hard decision for us to embark on this undertaking for many reasons that don't need to be discussed here and now. I'm so glad we did! This award has made all the second-guessing worth it. Thank you!

As is the tradition, I would like to pass this award along to Desert Candy, the very first blog that I began reading on a daily basis. The passion with which this blog is written (as well as the photographs and layout of the blog) gave me a great deal of inspiration when I was just starting my blog and not sure how to do it or whether it was worth it. I was so overwhelmed by all the possibilities and almost gave up until I found Desert Candy on Blogger's "Blogs of Note". When I read the blog for the first time I thought, "This is beautiful! And it IS worth doing this blog thing!" The writing style at Desert Candy is lovely and many of the photographs have left me speechless and staring at the computer screen. Thank you to Mercedes at Desert Candy for being MY inspiration.
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  1. Congratulations ... me and the kitties (especially TomTom) miss to you soon. --me

  2. Congrats, Cindy (and your husband!). You certainly deserve this award - your blog is beautiful.

  3. Congratulations on receiving such a well-deserved award!!!

  4. Beside everything else in your post, I wanted to let you know about lovely photo of the wedding cake you have taken. When I was getting married I had this vision of the cake how I wanted to look, but the baker this his way anyway. However, it turned out to be such a good cake, that we were eating for 2 years (we froze it).
    Nice post again.


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