Tom Tom Look-A-Like's

I'm sure there are many Tom Tom look-a-like's out there in the world. I found one just yesterday at It's All Good named Nicky. And Deb at My Cozy Cottage World says her kitty Shadow (all 20 lbs. of him) could pass for Tom Tom's twin.

I think it's just wonderful. Even though at first glance Tom Tom appears like he's not a unique looking feline, I've realized that his big softball-sized head, square little muzzle, and his black "gorilla nose" (it looks like one when he scrunches it for scratchings) make him unique looking from other black kitties, including his petite little daughter Thomasina (the two are pictured below--yes, Thomasina was full-grown when this photo was taken). He's all tomcat with his masculine 15 1/2 pound build born of probably 5 years of remaining un-neutered until he adopted us and let us bring him in to leisurely retirement.

So we are thrilled to find other kitties that look like Tom Tom. If you have a kitty that also looks like Tom Tom, drop us a note so we can add your kitty to this growing list. Tom Tom says to spread the word!

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  1. Your TomTom looks like my TomTom!

  2. He's gorgeous - and I love the photo of the two together! No cats at our house - just big black dogs.

  3. Mmmmm...Tom Tmm... you are a good looking cat boy... Muhahahaha!!!

    Do you want to join the feline world domination? Muhahaha!

  4. Funny that you say Tom Tom has a gorilla nose -- Pat used to say Nicky had a "piggy" nose when he was a kitten. Of course, he's a full grown cat now and very handsome too. Just like Tom Tom...


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