There's A Special Light in the Air

There's a special light in the air that sends a thrill through my heart. It is the light that tells me the summer is ebbing to a close, casting its longer shadows throughout the garden. It is the light that brings to mind pumpkins, amber leaves, and chilly evenings.

A thrill rushes through me as I look at the sunflowers around my garden. They are the flowers of August to me; the flowers of the month that is the cusp between the celebrations and vacations of summer and the harvests and warm spicy aromas of autumn.

I try to glean something from each season as it is occurring, to live in the moment and wring from each one as much as I can. Yet I can't help but always yearn for autumn. It is a month full of colors that make me feel alive and smells that awaken childlike giddiness deep in my core.

As I sat out on our front porch this evening, I noticed that the light is beginning to change and the sense in the air is changing along with it. The temperature is not noticably different and will in fact get much hotter off and on for the next month or two, as Indian summers are more the norm than not in Northern California.

But there is a feeling in the air that says autumn is coming. It's in the way the breeze moves, in the way the grass is brittle and smells like the hayloft of a barn under my feet. With each step I took on my evening garden stroll, giddiness sparkled and shimmered deep within me. Autumn most definitely must be coming.

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  1. I couldn't have said it better myself! A beautiful description.

  2. That first sunflower is absolutely fantastic! Worth looking at in large size.

    Grabbed your site feed :)

  3. Love the photo of Tom Tom. Absolutely beautiful and a wonderful capture of such an expressive moment! :)

  4. I know exactly how you feel - it seems that way to me, too. Where DID the summer go? Love the photo of your kitty baby. That is just GORGEOUS!

  5. Beautiful photos! I'm not ready to let go of summer yet, but I have learned to appreciate fall in the last few years. You're right - there is just a different feel in the air as it approaches.


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