Sacked Out Kitties

August is a lazy-kitty-in-the-sunshine month around Rosehaven Cottage. I've compiled a collection of photos that we've taken over the years, depicting just what I mean.

Dee Dee cuddled up behind my husband's laptop in his office. It's warm and it's close to Daddy. [That's Gus Gus's furry rear end to her right. He tries to find her wherever she is and lay with her or on her. He's developmentally challenged and thinks he's still a kitten.]

Gus Gus when he was still a kitten. He still finds the weirdest positions to lay in and places to sleep.

Suzette loves to lay on her back like this. She has particularly thick fur so we assume that she's "cooling her jets". Her tummy fur parts perfectly into a defined part that we call "butt cut belly".

Tom Tom has taken to copying Suzette by "cooling his jets" in a similar way. He lays like this behind my chair in the studio the entire time I'm working on the computer. If I move to another location in the house, he follows me there. He's more devoted than any dog I've ever had.

Like I said above, Gus Gus finds the weirdest positions to sleep in. His paws always remind me of a seal's flippers.

Here's Suzette using the "butt-cut-belly" position to cool off AND play with the tag of my Valetine balloon at the same time.
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  1. StealthyBlogCommenterWednesday, August 15, 2007

    You have strange and wonderful kitties, Ms. Rosahaven Cottage!

  2. Your cats are too cute! Our dogs are so lazy when it's hot out - those black fur coats are not needed in the summer! They, too, get into some of the most interesting positions to keep cool.

  3. Your kitties are all so sweet! I love the picture of Gus Gus snoozing.

  4. Sleeping in the sunshine is the best! I think I might have a butt cut belly.

  5. I love sleeping kitties, especially since they are such skilled contortionists!

  6. I love these photos! my Sirikit lies on her back like your Suzette. I enjoy reading about all your cats :)


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