Pussycat in the Posies and Other Garden Serendipity

Pussycat in the Posies
(this photo is now available in a greeting card)

I was strolling around outside today just puttering in the garden with my camera in tow. I was enjoying the mild summer weather we're having and the wonderful coastal breezes. I had my camera with me because I'd just gotten done trying to photograph some items for the online store I'll be opening soon on Etsy (didn't like the effect I was getting with the light) so I decided to meander around and just enjoy the outside instead of focusing on my frustrating failed photography attempt.

I was enjoying looking at all the flowers in bloom, taking shots of them. I came around the corner of the pink rosebush and there was our little wild garden kitty Oreo who had been sleeping in a bed of posies and was sitting up all groggy from her nap. She was just so cute amidst the blooms that I had to take her photo (although I had to do so gingerly or I'd frighten her).

(The photo below is now available in a greeting card)
When I encountered Oreo, I had originally been headed to look at a sunflower that I saw blooming from the other side of the garden. I wanted a better look at it to see if it was worth photographing. It was! The background of the burgeoning green fennel fronds was perfect.

The sunflowers that I got from K. only a couple of weeks ago are so happy where I've planted them throughout the front garden. I'm enjoying their little sunshiney-faces as they begin to bloom around the garden adding a splash of brightness here and there.

Later when I went into the back garden to feed the goldfish, I again had my camera around my neck just in case there was a shot I wanted to get. Good thing too, because as I neared the pond I saw a tiny movement out of the corner of my eye. I slowly bent down to see if it was what I thought it was. I was right! It was one of the cute little lizards that lives out among the stones around the pond. I always see them but never have my camera with me when I do. And they're so darn fast it's really hard to photograph them anyway. Well, this one decided to lay really still and play "camo lizard" and let me get close enough to get a great shot or two before it scurried away.

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  1. I'm glawe can make comments on your blog now. Bryan and I both subscribe to your blog through Bloglines, so we get an announcements when you update!

  2. That picture of Oreo in the flowers made my heart smile.

  3. Cute photo of Oreo. And the sunflower photo is awesome - I love it!


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