The Poor Guy Needs Pupils, For Heaven's Sake!

This little guy (currently called "Tur-Ducky") just sits here at stares at me with eyes that have no pupils. I wish I could get up the gumption to just ink them in even if I don't do the rest of the inking. Maybe I will later on today, but it's too blamed hot right now to really care.

As is usually the case, I'll probably get a creative spark sometime after the sun goes down. I seem to be the most creative after sunset. I've always done my best work at that time. An artistic night owl, that's me.

I still need inspiration as to what "Tur-Ducky" will end up as... greeting card... t-shirt design... who knows? If anyone has any nifty ideas, go ahead and throw them out there.

Hubby just loves the little guy (not as much as "Brave Little Chicken" though) and was actually the reason why I ended up sketching him. He started out as a tiny sketch of a duck with a tail that looked more like a turkey tail, so Hubby suggested a "Tur-Ducky" and it evolved from there.

Once I'm done inking in the outlining over the watercolor, I'll scan him into the computer. Then I'll do up a background separately (maybe a fun border too as an homage to Mary Engelbreit). I'll marry the two digitally so that I have the most flexibility for "Tur-Ducky" in the future.

In the meantime, I really need give him pupils. He's looking too much like Little Orphan Annie.

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  1. haha!! He definitely has a "blank" look to him!

    Hope it cools down for you soon!


  2. ...hey stress is holding you back, he looks good to me, and think you are 0.1 percent away....I will be back to see him done lol I am sure he will look great no matter what eyes you gave him...anna :)

  3. I love turkey feathers Cindy! I use them in my art often. The sheen is magical!
    The string holding on his feather tail is so delicate. Will he have happy eyes when he is all done?

  4. I too am a night owl, that is when my creativity comes out.. I paint and draw after dusk.. he is just cute..


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