Our Usual August Cooldown

Yesterday and today were beautiful Northern California days with the overcast skies and cool weather that often come around the first or second week of August to give us a wee break from the heat. We were just having mid-90's heat two days ago so I gladly welcomed the cooldown so I could work outside today and get some weeding done that I can't do in full-sun areas when the temps are up. It was also a perfect opportunity to photograph outdoors without harsh shadows.
Here are a just few of my favorite shots...

View from the front door

Drop Dead Red Sunflowers

Camoflage Moth

Newly weeded flower bed (gotta love that!)

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  1. There's no better feeling than a newly weeded flower bed. Don't you wish it could stay like that forever? I like the path. What is it made of?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. i ENLARGED the moth photo and there she was!

    Yes, i am going to my garden next to weed a bed or two myself.

    Happy Summer

  3. Hi Marie! The path is just pea gravel. I found it worked best just right on our clay soil without landscape fabric that kept peeking through. The planter is made of reused chunks of concrete from walkways we removed for better drainage.

  4. StealthyGardenerTuesday, August 07, 2007

    Loved your pics!

  5. Beautiful! I love the view from your front door - and yes, you have to love a freshly weeded garden!


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