Old Friend Wanderlust...

Wanderlust has often called out to me in my life. Sometimes it's been because I am suffering from the winter blues and am dreaming of a warm beach on a tropical island. My husband knows I've reached my limit when he finds me browsing internet travel sites at midnight in the darkness of January looking at internet airfares to Mexico and Hawaii. There are times that we've had the funds to indulge my need for sunshine. We've gone to that far off tropical island. And let me tell you, indulging one's need is often worse than continuing to tough it out in the dreary cold. It makes it so much harder the next time around.

Sometimes the wanderlust has come, because I can't stand one more day of a summer heat-wave and want to escape to a cool shoreline north of here. I've indulged myself in that arena as well. Once, when I was single, a dear friend and I decided we'd both beat the heat and took off after work on a Friday evening in my un-air-conditioned Honda Civic hatchback and headed up the coast of California to the cooler northern climes of Eureka. It is one of the best memories. I felt like I'd really taken control of a situation that seemed so out my control. Who can control the weather? Well, I felt like we did that weekend! And it felt so great and empowering.

Wanderlust has been a familiar feeling for most of my life. So it has been foreign to me to have this nesting homebody feeling that has come over me the past few years. I suppose it comes with age for many people. For me, it has also come with the reality of actually putting down roots in a home, naming that home Rosehaven Cottage, and knowing that it will be my home (in all probability) for the rest of my life. It is a comforting feeling, this nesting thing that has grown inside me. It has brought me in tune with the cycles of the earth and nature; with the changing of the seasons; and with the changing of myself as I change seasons in my own life.

But old friend wanderlust peeks in now and again. As a result, I am flying out in a couple of days to visit my aunt and attend a week-long continuing education experience that I've always wanted to participate in but haven't. It will be a wonderful opportunity to visit with my aunt, get valuable education in preparation for my volunteer teaching that will begin again in September, and I will also have the wonderful privilege of being the photographer at my cousin's wedding reception. But I leave my dear husband (and best friend) at home with the kitties, the garden, and the fish in the pond.

Prior to marrying my soul mate almost 10 years ago, I considered myself a very independent and empowered woman. So why is it now so hard to leave when I wouldn't have batted an eye a decade ago? Why am I obsessing over vacuuming every nook and cranny and dusting places I haven't dusted in forever? I've done my umpteenth load of laundry today. I've scrubbed the windowsills (when do I ever do that?). I've mentally churned all day.

I think it's because when it comes right down to it, I'm finally content in my life. I finally feel a sense of belonging to something, to someone, and to the very soil that I till and sow my seeds within. It is hard to be transplanted, even temporarily, when I've finally grown roots.
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  1. I really like the picture, it is so spiritual. Nice blog write up too, keep it up. It is nice to read how some people feel, and tune into their emotions. Anna :)

  2. Oh the memories. That was a fun weekend, wasn't it?! I've actually been thinking about the coastline down near Monterey lately and that little spot that was so nice to just sit at...I really miss the ocean.

  3. What a privilege it is to peek around your door, it feels so warm, friendly and welcoming, you truly are blessed.

    I've also been prone to wanderlust for much of my life until, and like you I realised it was something within that needed to be resolved.

    I love your writing style, it's like a conversation between friends I could listen forever - as long as you kept making me cups of tea. :)

  4. Oh, this was beautiful! We love to travel - but toward the end of every trip, I feel that pull toward home. I can't wait to get back and see the gardens and the lake and the dogs - and especially my hubby if he hasn't been with me. Hope you have a great week - and I'll be looking forward to your returning home!

  5. No words can describe how much I will miss you but I want you to have a good time. --me

  6. Your photo fits this post beautifully.

  7. How wonderful to not only have a place you love to live, but to have places to go when you need a break. I think we all get that desire to just take off from time to time -- but when coming home in the end feels so sweet, that's when you truly feel blessed.

  8. Dear Mistress of Rosehaven Cottage....
    You have inspired me more than you will ever know . I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me to see things in the truelight prospective. Why tonight did I read your words? Yes, because it was meant to be so...beautifully reassuring to know that a wandering can soothe a soul.
    I love the life you have carved out for yourself and those you hold near to your heart...
    The Mistress of Briarrose Cottage and her cat Miss Peach


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