My Valentine Balloon Finally Sank

How long is a helium mylar balloon supposed to last?

Is it supposed to continue to float for almost 6 months?

That's how long my Valentine balloon has lasted. It still is hovering over the floor by a little over a foot, but technically it really has sunk.

We've been amazed how long it's lasted. It has floated in the Tiki Room all this time since Valentine's Day. During that time, every time I've come down the stairs in the morning I see it and smile at the reminder of the fun Valentine's Day we had back in February and the cute Valentine's surprises my husband put around the house to make me smile on Valentine's Day morning. That stubborn balloon has made it possible for me to "celebrate" Valentine's Day (a favorite holiday of mine because of the red and pink stuff all around) for almost an entire 6 months! That's been fun for me to experience.

But more importantly, the balloon has been an interesting symbol of why my husband gave it to me in the first place. He gave it to me because he loves me. And the balloon has been unwilling to "die" just as my husband consistently is unwilling to let his love for me wane in the face of the many trials we've faced together during our almost decade of marriage. He, like the stalwart shiny red balloon, has brought a smile to my face daily as he has reminded me of what matters most in life.

And although the Valentine balloon is finally sinking to the ground, my husband remains tall and strong in his obvious devotion to us and our marriage. For that, I love him beyond words.
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  1. How Ironic! I have a couple of very similar posts here:

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    Love your kitties - will read more later and check regularly!!


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