Living Life in Technicolor

A friend recently shared with me that previous to a recent spiritual journey of self-discovery her life was just going along and then after finding what she'd been looking for suddenly her "world was in technicolor". I realized that what she had just said encapsulated in a few words what I feel my life has been like as of late.

My life and my world here feels as if it's in technicolor.

Yet, there are times when I get so caught up in the whirl of life that I forget to just take a chance to look around and enjoy what I've been blessed with--the "technicolor".

This week has been like that. Then I received an email from my husband who was working from home in his office right next door to my studio (aren't we the "new millenium couple" emailing each other from adjacent bedrooms?). I'm not sure what prompted him to write the email titled "Why I love our home", but it was just what I needed to get myself grounded again in what really matters.

I won't share the entire email here because some is very personal but there were some sweet phrases that I thought I would share.

Why I love our home...

I love the fact that we don’t have residential neighbors in back. We have lots of little critters that use it as a highway and hunting ground.

I love how quiet our street is. With exception of the occasional motorcycle we don’t have a busy street.

I love where we are situated in relation to everything. We are ideally located.

I love how big the lot is. We have the largest backyard I’ve ever lived in and your gardens are always spectacular
[even though the back garden is still a work-in-progress].

I love the color. We have a wonderfully light yellow and white house which invokes cheery and happy feelings for the house in which we live.

I love the cracked driveway. It means that we’re not pretentious.

I love the windows. Kitties love the windows too.

I love the studio. You have designed a great place in which to design, build, manage, and enjoy the art that you do.

I have my own office. I love having my own place where I can work; it’s nice that Dee Dee likes to sleep in her little box next to me too.

I'm so grateful that he took the time to write these things down and share them with me. I needed the perspective. I tend to focus so much on what needs to be done that I often forget to look at what is complete and whole just the way it is.

I tend to do that with the back garden. That's why I decided to share some photos of the gardens even though they are still works-in-progress (aren't all gardens really just that anyway????). They're far from where I eventually want them, but in the meantime I've found ways to have little serene meditation areas that I can enjoy right now like my spot under the plum tree by the pond.

And maybe that's the whole trick to this gardening thing anyway!
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  1. Your garden is so beautiful. I have been getting lots of wondeful ideas for my butterfly garden.


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