Introducing Two New Kitty Friends--Jasmine & Kitten

My Auntie and I drove up to her home after spending the day in class and, joy of all joys, there were two kitties laying on her front lawn in the shade of some flowers. They aren't Auntie's kitties but a neighbor's kitties. We got in the garage and I immediately had to get out my camera and go meet them. My Auntie knows the two kitties well, as they come over to visit and lay around in her yard and on her porch. She told me all about them, so now I get to introduce them to you out in cyperland!

The mostly orange kitty is named Jasmine. She is the mother of the mostly white kitty. She's smaller and has a very pretty little face (so feminine, don't you think?). She was a little cutie, but still quite dignified in meeting a stranger.

The mostly white kitty is the child of Jasmine. It's name is just Kitten. What a silly kitty! It posed, played, and goofed off for me and the camera. My goodness what kitten silliness. The photo at left is when Kitten decided to just spread eagle on the grass and take big long sniffs of the green blades. So silly!

Then Kitten decided to just roll around looking cute and flirting for the camera. My, my what a silly kitty!

Finally, Kitten decided to be a little more dignified like Mommy Jasmine and pose nice for me. It's such fun meeting new kitty friends!

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  1. You are so fortunate to have met more kitty friends! XOXOXO --me

  2. Nice to meetcha Jasmine and Kitten. You are very cute! I wish I could roll around in the grass with you.

  3. What lovely kitties they are!


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