There are times when I'm given little nuggets that just go off like a light bulb in my head. I've had quite a few this week as I've been enriched and educated while being away from Rosehaven Cottage. The majority of the nuggets are too personal to share here, but there is one that I would like to share because when it came into my mind I knew I wanted to share it. Here it is as I wrote it in my journal notebook during class:
To the person with an umbrella the experience of being out in a rainstorm
is very different than to one who doesn't have an umbrella.

There are many layers to this nugget of wisdom. It will mean something different to different people. I am tempted to write what it means to me, but instead of doing so I would invite you to share with me what it means to you. I am anxious to hear what each of you glean from it and hope that it will add further understanding and dimension for me (and others).
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  1. Morning Cindy - That is such an emotive statement and one that instantly drew light for me with a threefold meaning.

    1. I was thinking the other day of when I was really poor, life was indeed a struggle one that kept me occupied 24/7 in the care of others. Now that I am mature and my family grown my 'umbrella' is security which provides me with the time to 'be myself'.

    2. On a totally different front, the statement also suggests to me that those WITH an umbrella are missing out from feeling the rain on their faces. Taking shelter may mean that we are also sheltering from things that are natural and good - and perhaps making us closeted in our experiences.

    3. On a frivolous note...my son is living in London in a job where he has to look smart everyday. He phoned me complaining about the rain, but then added that everything was fine because he'd found a brolly on the tube. I commented that I hoped it was a plain one in keeping with his 'look' - I laughed when he said 'No! Quite the contrary, it's a vivid blue with white polka dots! But mum, it does the job and I get to work dry." So there you are, too often we worry about how things appear to be rather than the things that really do matter.

    Thanks for that Cindy. :)

  2. Walks Far Woman,

    I just love all your thoughts! They have added dimensions to my original epiphany that I didn't have before. I particularly appreciate #2.

    Thank you!
    Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  3. My first thought as I read this was that it all depends on your perspective and what is going on in your own life.

    The person under the umbrella may be enjoying a pleasant walk in the rain. She also may be struggling against a wind or just wanting to get home. The person without the umbrella could be cold and wet and frustrated at the elements. She also may be enjoying the rain on her face and walking in the freshness.

    You never know.

  4. Cindy, thanks for stopping by Photo Buffet with a comment. I followed your link and found this lovely blog, and I'm going to enjoy snooping in all the corners of it. I love your photos!

    Your umbrella statement made me think of life's ups and downs, and how thankful I am to have a firm faith in God that has seen me through many storms. I'm sheltered, but not shut off from the wind and rain. Each stormy period has grown me in ways I could have never expected, to the point where I can look back and feel grateful for what I learned, and how each experience has changed me.


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