Creative Blogger Award

I was going about my daily blog reading and was stunned to discover that Mark Eccleston at The Green Fingered Photographer had given me the above award! I am very humbled because his work is absolutely amazing! You have to check it out at Dragons and Damsel Wildlife Photography.

Now I get to pass this award on to three very deserving bloggers.

Peripheral Vision--Inner Sights by Lynda Lehmann
Lynda is an artist and photographer with an amazing talent and eye. Her images are vibrant and inspirational.

Thea Burger's Shade of Life
Thea is an amazingly gifted artist! I love her work (particularly her paintings of pomegranates). It is colorful and a joy to look at!

Helen Read's Brushstrokes, Etc.
Helen is an artist who also teaches art. Her paintings are absolutely amazing. I particularly enjoy her oil paintings. She has a technique that I yearn to have.
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  1. Congratulations on your newest award. I have been reading your blog and am so pleased for you. Love you... Your Favorite Auntie

  2. Cindy... congratulations on a well deserved award ~ and thank you for passing the honor on! Your encouragement is so much appreciated! I'll be passing on the award to others this evening!

  3. Congratulations! I love your photos.

  4. Cindy - you so deserve this award! Your blog is beautiful to come and visit. The posts and photos are such a treat everytime I stop by.


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