August Color Galore!

I took a small break from my classes outside midway through the day today. Somehow the fresh air of the outdoors can transform my brain from "mush" back to the mental sponge I need it to be in order to learn and retain information.

I had my camera with me in my pack (like I wouldn't). I strolled around looking for something other than basic grass to photograph.

Then I found a beautiful spot where the landscapers had put in a huge bed of seasonal flowers. The rudbeckia were larger than my hand! Now, I either have small hands or the rudbeckia are quite large.

I was captivated by their bright citrusy yellow petals in the afternoon sun and so were the local honeybees. They buzzed around each saucer-sized blossom. I was fortunate to get a beautiful shot of one busy bee as it gathered nectar from the dark chocolate colored center of one of the massive rudbeckia blossoms [left].

I also found the bees on the smaller flowers too. Size doesn't seem to effective nectar yumminess in bee-dom.

The colors just sent a thrill through me--so vibrant and so representative of the last vestiges of summer.
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  1. Dear Keepers of Rosehaven Cottage! (and Kitties)
    It is a pleasure to meet you. I have left a comment on your Wanderlust post you might find worthy of your time.
    Your new friend Mistress of Briarrose Cottage and her kitty Miss Peach
    We will visit have a respite here full of bliss

  2. Love this post and the photos are just beautiful. Anna :) Love visiting.

  3. Those flowers are beautiful!


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